Gerry Loose


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[Gerry Loose, photo by Morven Gregor]Born 1948.

I’ve lived in England, Ireland, Spain, Morocco (briefly) & now Scotland. A slow-moving nomad.

Work has been in poetry, agriculture & horticulture. 

I also design & make gardens. My poetry is as likely to appear in these (& ungardened landscapes) as on the page.


that person himself:
a book length poem (Shearsman 2009) 
the deer path to my door: poems (Oystercatcher 2009) 
starworks: poem foldout (Longhouse, Vermont 2009)
10 Seasons: explorations in Botanics (editor) (Luath / SPL) 2007 
Printed on Water: New & Selected Poems (Shearsman Books) 2007
Seed Catalogue with photographs by Morven Gregor
      (Yorkshire Sculpture Park) 2006
Eitgal (Mariscat) 2001
Tongues of Stone (Mariscat) 1998
a measure (Mythic Horse) 1996
The Elementary Particles (Taranis) 1993 


Creative Scotland Award 2006
Robert Louis Stevenson Award 2006
Society of Authors Award 2004
Arts on Prescription Award 2001


Eitgal RTE, Dublin
Crow Work RTE, Dublin


Mouth of Silence a play for Birds of Paradise Theatre Co. 2006
Sunlight Become Speech installation Hidden Gardens 2005
I Confess signed monologue for Arches Theatre 2005
Discussing Herons (for National Poetry Day) BBC 2004
what can be read (for National Poetry Day) BBC 2003
5 poems inscribed on stone Hidden Gardens 2002
Kaki Tree commemorative poem 2002
Poetry Garden 2001
Kirklee Bridge centenary inscription 2000


Silent Passage 1999
The Kaki Tree Glasgow 2002
Unearthed 2001
The Valentine Tree 2000


                                                autumn leaves gather in corners

                                                doing nothing most gets done